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Mastercam Swiss Expert
Mastercam Swiss Expert software is designed to control the latest NC Machines, such as 5-Axes machining centers allowing milling and turning as well as multi-spindle and multi-head (with fixed or sliding headstock) lathes. This program was designed, from the very beginning, for multi-channel machines possessing an unlimited number of linear and rotary axes. The capacity to control new generations of Swiss type machines with turning and milling possibilities, is also included. The management of machining via reworking spindle is but one of the many possibilities, including the automatic generation of master patterns. In another domain, the management of multi-part machining with intermediary storage is but one of the challenges being explored by the CNC Software development team. It is this kind of work with complex applications for multi-function NC Machines that is the main thrust of the development of this program.

Strong points

  1. FAO software designed for Swiss Machines particularities
  2. Management of an unlimited number of axes and channels
  3. Realistic simulation of the entire machine and its tools.
  4. Automatically detects collisions and out of travels
  5. Reduce startup time significantly.
  6. Ideal to optimize time cycles for pieces as simple as complex
  7. Support for all types of tooling

A trully innovative product

  1. 3D management of the NC Machine axes configuration
  2. Management of tool-groups, racks, turrets, spindles
  3. Data management via a DBMS
  4. Multi-channel NC Machines
  5. Unlimited number of rotary and linear axes
  6. Management of raw materials
  7. Machining management with reworking spindle
  8. Management of multi-part machining with part-climbing
  9. Multiple Platforms

Standard and native CAD interfaces

  1. SAT, IGES, STEP, Parasolid
  2. Pro/Engeenier, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Catia V4 et V5

Initially known as SylvieXpert, FAO software, renamed Mastercam Swiss Expert in 2010, is designed to control NC Machines multi-processes as Swiss Machines.

Entirely 3D
In order to control efficiently the targeted NC machines, the software has to take into account the whole kinematics of the machine, the tools, the tighteners and of course, the part as well as the raw part. The assembled tools (cutting tools, adapters, tool-holders, etc) are placed on tool-groups. The system is able to handle three types of tool-groups : tool-gangs, turrets and spindles. Mastercam Swiss Expert can also handle the tool-holders new generation, with several cutting tools at a single tool position. To do all this, the whole environnement has to be in 3D, for which the volumic modeler ACIS (by Spatial Corp) has been chosen. Developping from this 3D kernel brings a stable standard, highly precise and efficient. It also offers great possibilities for interfacing with the main CAD software 3D file formats. The advantage of working in 3D, beside the management of the whole NC machine environement, is to automatically being able to deduce machining informations about hole depth, approach distance and raw management. The description of the geometries to be machined is also enormously simplified.

In the Heart of Mastercam Swiss Expert : the operating instructions
With most of the available CAM softwares, the operator describes the required operations, and associates them with geometries. The sequence of events then generating the operating instructions. With Mastercam Swiss Expert, an operator can work thus, but can also create a sequence of operating instructions to be associated with a geometry. Furthermore, he can include standard sequences of instructions. He can also associate a sequence of instructions (parameters, tool and cutting conditions) with several geometrical areas. This possibility allows the operator the use his experience and knowledge to automate similar-shape machining. The management of these sequences, being such an important part of the program, it was decided to handle the sequences via a DataBase Management System.

Real simulation
One of the main problems involved with controlling multi-channel, multi-axes NC Machines is the perfecting of the machining instructions. A real simulation, not just of the removal of the materials but also the movements of tool groups within the work environment, is therefore essential. With Mastercam Swiss Expert, the emphasis was placed on a real simulation which takes into account each customers differences. Thus, the perfecting of the machining instructions takes place before the simulation, instead of during the post-processing that most traditional CAM softwares use to generate the ISO code. Our solution enormously simplifies the perfecting of the instructions and the visualisation of collisions. For the NC Machines that employ master patterns, these are automatically generated and the operations placed in the correct channels.

Customisable and multi-Operating System solution
Mastercam Swiss Expert works with Windows XP, Vista and Seven. CNC Software, developers of Mastercam Swiss Expert, are customising this CAM for every type of NC Machine and user.

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Mastercam Swiss Expert user Interface
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Sliding-headstock lathe,
Multi-head and multi-tool groups
Star ECAS 32T machining center:
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