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Jurasoft SA was created from the experience of the Jinfo SA company, active for more than 20 years in the service of the CAD-CAM industry. In effect the Jinfo SA company was created in 1982 with the development and commercialisation of the « Chantal » CAD (Computer Aided Design) software and the « Sylvie » CAM (Computer Aided Machining) software. These products have been sold more than 200 units in Switzerland and other countries.

These two systems were replaced, some ten years ago, by European-written softwares that Jinfo supported and customised. The products that Jinfo offers today are amongst the highest-performing on the market and very well adapted for conventional machining on milling machines or lathes. On the other hand, these solutions were not designed to handle some of the latest and most complex NC Machine Tools, such as multi-spindle/multi-head reworking machines executing milling and turning, on fixed or sliding headstocks. These latest-generation NC Machine Tools handle several channels, and multiple axes, simultaneously. In such cases the current CAM softwares experience great difficulties in resolving the problems implicit in machines that weren’t even conceived of when these programs were written. Furthermore once someone has invested several hundreds of thousand of Swiss francs in exactly this type of machine, he evidently wishes to reduce the start-up delays as much as possible.

Armed with these facts, the experience of the Jinfo SA engineers, and the requests from our customers, Mr Muehlethaler and Mr Bendit decided to create a new company, Jurasoft SA, to develop the “SylvieXpert” software to meet the future performance criteria demanded by the needs of controlling complex NC Machine Tools

Some important dates

November 1982Jinfo SA, DelémontM. Bendit, and 3 associates start Jinfo SA with the development of the 2D CAD-CAM softwares Chantal and Sylvie
1991Jinfo SA, PorrentruyInauguration of the new site at Porrentruy, and sale of the 100th license of Chantal and Sylvie
1993HP’s 3D CADJinfo completes its range of products with the 3D CAD: Solid Designer
1998GOélan CAM softwareJinfo completes its range of products with the CAM software: Goélan
2000The latest NC Machine ToolsAt the SIAMS exhibition at Moutier the latest generation of mill-turn and Swiss type NC Machine Tools appear.
200220 years of JinfoJinfo celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new logo
October 2002A revolutionary CAM conceptStudy and development of the business-plan by Mr Muehlethaler and Mr Bendit.
April 2003Jurasoft SA, PorrentruyCreation of the Jurasoft SA company. Start-up of the analysis and development with 3 full-time persons (from 4th June 2003 onwards) and 3 part-time persons
May 2004SIAMS ExhibitionSylvieXpert is presented for the first time
December 2004The SylvieXpert CAMVersion 1 is marketed.
November 2006The SylvieXpert CAMVersion 2.5 is released
September 2007The SylvieXpert CAMVersion 2.6 is released
April 2009The SylvieXpert CAMVersion 2009 is released
June 2010The SylvieXpert CAMTaking over of SylvieXpert by CNC Software, inc.
January 2011Mastercam Swiss ExpertVersion 2011 is released