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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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Which 3D formats can I open with Mastercam Swiss Expert ?

Formats available : SAT, SAB, STEP, IGES, CATIA V5 and CREO

Which are the specifications necessary for a Windows workstation?

Current release : Mastercam Swiss Expert 2013
Supported Operating System : Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 7 Pro, Windows Vista Pro
CPU speed : 2GHz minimum, 3GHz recommended
Required Memory (RAM) : 1 GB minimum, 2 GB recommended
Required Hard Disk Space : 500 MB
Graphic card : NVIDIA recommended

Does Mastercam Swiss Expert manage the new multi-tool holders ?

Yes, Mastercam Swiss Expert manages the new multi-tool holders having several cutting tools which are more and more used. An original structure was conceived to be as flexible as possible. The tool physically used by the machine for a given machining operation is called "assembled tool". An assembled tool is composed of one or more tool elements. A tool element represents a concrete element of the tool like an end mill, a collet chuck, a extension, an adapter, etc. These elements which are joined form the assembled tool. In order to be able to support "multiple" tools (a holder which can receive several tool elements), the representation of the tools is done out of tree. This representation allows to model as many levels of tool elements as wanted (for example: chuck + reduction + extension + cutter) or an unlimited number of elements on a given level (for example: multi-tool holder for 4 cutters).

Is there a tool library delivered with the software ?

Yes, a library of more than 2000 standard tool elements is delivered with the software. Moreover, it is very easy to create its own libraries of tool elements with the functions "cut/past" for example by types of machines, by materials or by families of parts according to he wishes of the user.

Is it necessary to model all the tools in 3D to use them in Mastercam Swiss Expert ?

No, each tool element is of a given type, characterized by proper parameters (properties) (for example: the parameters are different between an end mill and a side face slot mill). Each element has its own 3D model generated automatically from its parameters.The assembled tool has its own model corresponding to the combination of each model of the tool elements which make it up. It is thus very easy to add tool elements by introducing the values of the parameters which are proper for them.

How many channels of an NC machine tool can the software control ?

The application was developed from the beginning while thinking of the machines having an unlimited number of channels, of linear and rotary axes.

Which NC machine are supported by Mastercam Swiss Expert ?

Right now, more than 70 NC machines are managed from this next constructors :

Tornos Deco and other

In what ‘full 3D‘ is a real advantage over the traditional 2D solutions ?

The fact of having a 3D representation of the workpiece, of the raw part, of the tools and the machine allows to know precisely the complete work space without having to ask to the user complementary details. For example, the software is able to find automatically all the holes of a part and for each hole, its diameter and its depth. Thus, the tool path of the drill will be generated in an automatic way and will avoid all collision risks between the tool and the part.
In addition, the 3D representation of the machine and of the tools allows, during the simulation, to show displacements of all the elements of the machine and of the tools, thus allowing to observe for example the possible collisions between unused tools and the part in progress of machining.
Finally, the knowledge of the remaining material after each machining operation allows to optimize the tool path.

In what the simulation offered by Mastercam Swiss Expert is different from that of the traditional CAM solutions ?

The simulation in Mastercam Swiss Expert is based on the code processed by the post-processor whereas traditional CAM systems simulate displacements before calling the post-processor. Thus, the simulation of Mastercam Swiss Expert is much more realistic. It allows for example to have an exact simulation of a sliding headstock.
In addition, the structure of the simulated code is identical to the code which will be really used by the NC machine tool. This largely limits the risks of adding errors by the post-processor, which will be detected only at the time of real machining.
Moreover, the simulation shows the complete environment of the machine and not only a static part traversed by a mobile tool.

What is the concept of ' template sheet ’ ?

One of the principal goal of Mastercam Swiss Expert is to simplify and automate to the maximum the creation of similar parts. In this direction, thanks to the concept of template sheets, it is possible to save, for a later re-use, successions of standard machining operations (for example, centering-drilling-tapping), and to re-use them at the time of the creation of the operation sheets of other parts.

Are there antiviruses incompatible with Mastercam Swiss Expert or that must be parametrized to avoid blockings?

Incompatible: antivirus Norton
To parametrize: Forefront Microsoft